Find out about our room hire and parties

At the Trust we have two buildings we own and manage and both have space to share. You can hire great learning and training space, counselling rooms and large spaces for celebrations. Not only can you hire our spaces for your courses or projects but we provide an opportunity to collaborate with residents and other agencies working in the community. If you have any questions feel free to contact or book online now.

How to book a space:

  1. First choose a space below by clicking on the space you would like. 
  2. Enter the duration you would like (spaces are offered at a minimum booking of one hour and in half hour slots thereafter) - Celebration bookings may differ.
  3. Then choose the space you want by selecting a space from the Room type drop down menu.
  4. Next select the date you require date.
  5. Then select the start time.

Please allow for setting and tidying up as we may well have have other activities before and after your event.

If you want to book a recurring event or over a longer period or make regular bookings it would be advisable to contact our
customer services