Find out about the Trust and our aims and ambitions

The Trust Will

  • commit to developing an inclusive process involving debate and dialogue between the community and the RCT board.

  • provide different forms of social support through friends, neighbours, membership organisations or formal support through services and facilities.

  • develop the very place we live such as developing our emotional attachment to the local area and our feeling of a sense of belonging. Having time and space to celebrate our community’s cultural heritage.

  • provide residents with opportunities to increase their employment and earning potential.

  • enable a political voice so local people can reduce inequalities of access to local resources and opportunities, creating a sense of collective control and influence.

  • will ensure access to education, leisure, making people feel safe whilst knowing their families future security is sustainable.

The strategy over the next five years is to encourage an active community that nominates persons to run the Trust with an aim to develop a sustainable infrastructure with services that benefit the local community.  The principle areas of development are:

  • Nimrod Community Centre
  • The Arts and Media Centre
  • Facilities Management for Grange Ward