How to become involved in the charity and ways to pay your community levy
RCT Welcome You To Grange Ward

As you maybe aware your property has a covenant in which a community levy is paid each year to Rowner Community Trust. This is documented as part of schedule nine of your property deeds and your solicitor would have explained that the levy is a yearly charge. This is not part of the estate charges you pay Vivid but a separate charge to a charity whose role is to support the local community.

  • Why not get involved in our fundraising activities & events to help build our new live venue?
  • Why not Volunteer to tackle any issues or concerns in your community?

RCT is committed to reviewing your Levy each year, any increase will be no more than the previous October 'CPI' index, but also subject to a maximum of 5%.

You can pay annually or monthly by direct debit, or if you prefer to pay the full amount by cheque or BACS or pay in full online via this website.

All monies go directly to the RCT Charity.

If you would like to pay monthly please download a RCT Direct Debit Mandate Form and use your account ACC* which is cited on your invoice as a reference.

Thank You For Your Support!

Paying Levy Online